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Recent Publications

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McKinsey, E., Desmarais, S. L., Burnette, J. L., & Garrett, L. B. (2022). Impact of trauma education and growth mindset messaging on public attitudes about the criminal legal system. Journal of Experimental Criminology.

Burnette, J. L., Billingsley, J., Banks, G. C., Knouse, L., Hoyt, C. L., Pollack, J. M., & Simon, S. (Online). A systematic and meta-analytic review of growth mindset interventions. For whom, how, and why might such interventions work? Psychological Bulletin.


Equity Symposium

Sydney presents research on growth mindset interventions and the importance of being context conscious

Publication: Sydney Earl

Changes in Health-Promoting Behaviors and Their Association with Weight Loss, Retention, and Engagement on a Digital Program: Prospective Study


Current Graduate Student Members

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 Past Mindset Lab Members

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