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Current Research

We study mindsets across contexts, attributes, and experiences. We use a wide variety of research designs, ranging from interventions to basic experimental methods to longitudinal surveys. Some example current projects are below.


Diversifying Mindset Science

We are working on a systematic review of mindset interventions specifically aimed at describing diversity within the samples. We hope to identify gaps and highlight practices with regards to including underrepresented groups in intervention planning, development, implementation, analysis, and dissemination.


Psychologists are uniquely positioned to help with our collective obligation to advance scientific knowledge in ways that can help individuals reach optimal functioning. In this ongoing line of work, we examine how to harness growth mindsets to promote psychological flourishing. We are working on an overall theoretical model as well as an agenda for future research that can move the field towards more translational intervention work.

Orange Blossom
Young Mother with Children

PArenting Mindsets

We are starting to explore how beliefs about the nature of parenting abilities predict joy and engagement as well as coping.

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